About Your Tutor


Hi, I'm your tutor! Welcome to your course!


My name is Tom McPherson. I live in Cambridge with Jane and our two daughters. I graduated from Central St. Martins School of Art, London, with a Fine Arts degree in Painting. I have exhibited my paintings in over 30 exhibitions in London.

After some time oil painting and teaching art, I started my YouTube channel Circle Line Art School to teach drawing, focusing on pencil drawing and perspective. I make a new drawing challenge every week and just passed the 400th edition.

I have been lucky to gain over 1.8 million subscribers and over 150,000,000 views. I never thought anyone would watch when I started, I just made what I wanted to make, what I enjoyed. I plan, draw, produce, and edit all of the content on my YouTube channel. This takes quite some time, but is very enjoyable. My art has featured in the BBC and Google Arts & Culture, among others.

The idea of a YouTube channel was always to be a starting point for online art courses. The first course, How To Draw From Scratch, is a great success. This is my second drawing course, Drawing For All + Feedback. I have included some of my favourite things to draw as a teacher and I intend to add more Seasons as free bonus content to this course in the future. Later, there will also be a third stand alone course, focusing on architecture, that I am making now.


I also intend to add a DFA Gallery to the course, once I receive a number of your drawings. I love to see your drawing, so please post to me your finished drawings within the course!


If you have any questions about about your drawings from this course please use the comments box in each episode.

I hope you enjoy completing the course as much as I enjoyed making it!

Tom McPherson

Circle Line Art School